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~ CBT ~

- A simple guide to doing the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) test -


The CBT can take between 4 - 6 hours, you will need to take your provisional license with you as the instructor will need it at the end to fill out your cbt certificate. 

To prepare for the course you might be asked to read thought an up to date Highway code book which you can buy from Post Offices & Shops for 1.50

The Bike

Firstly the instructor will talk to you for about 45mins about the bike, how it works & how to operate it.



You will be asked a few questions on, riding in various conditions such as rain and what you should watch out for whilst riding in that condition. You may also be asked a few questions on Road signs & Junctions etc

  • Traffic lights

  • Road signs

  • Road markings

Your 1st Go

You will be taken to a car park or off road area where the instructor will ask you to take the bike off the center stand and then you will be asked to put it back on again so you can get used to the weight of the bike. 

The instructor will also ask you to start the bike, twist the throttle slightly so the bike will warm up and then ask you to turn it off again.

The next step

You will be asked to start the bike and then twist the throttle so that the bike begins to accelerate slowly. Once you have had a play about with the throttle and got used to setting off, you will be told to stop and brake.

The instructor will ask you if you feel ok about that and then ask you to ride around the off road area so that you get used to the bike he might ask you to do

  • Circles

  • Figure of 8's

  • Weave in and out of cones

Once you are happy with that the instructor will ask you to ride to one end of the off road area turn around so you are facing him and then accelerate quickly towards him, the instructor will then put his hand up for you to do a Emergency Stop (brake quicker than normal)

This is all done so that you build up your confidence so you are able to ride safely out on the open road.

The Open road

Once you have mastered all of the above the instructor will ask you if you 

" Are confident to go out on the open road? "

You will be given an ear piece so that when your out riding, the instructor can tell you if you do something wrong. Also you will be told where to go. 

You will be taken to different places, such as

  • Traffic lights

  • Roundabouts

  • Junctions such as T-junctions

  • City roads / Country roads

The End

The instructor will let you know that he feels confident that you have passed. He will then ask you for your provisional license so that he can fill out your CBT certificate. 

Then when you get your CBT Certificate handed to you and you are then set free to ride on the queens highways.

Remember take your time, do not rush or you might make mistakes. ;-)

Good Luck